Suspended (English Edition) por Andrew Carmitchel

Suspended (English Edition) por Andrew Carmitchel

Titulo del libro: Suspended (English Edition)

Autor: Andrew Carmitchel

Número de páginas: 160 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: May 29, 2008

Editor: iUniverse

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Andrew Carmitchel con Suspended (English Edition)

Eighteen-year-old Frank Krane is the kind of kid who fits in at school and yet roams the edges of high school cliques. After a football injury stunts his football career and his parents divorce, he finds himself rebellious and adrift.

When Frank is suspended from school for impertinence, a series of unfortunate events are set in motion. After sharing breakfast with a known troublemaker, Frank wanders around town aimlessly. When he attends a party later that night, Frank meets April, a very attractive young woman. Frank immediately senses something is troubling this beautiful newcomer, but even an intimate chat doesn't compel April to share what has her

Come morning, Frank discovers he's the last known person to see April alive-her family has reported her missing. When the police place him under house arrest, Frank knows he must do something to help both himself and April. After escaping, Frank works with April's friend Belinda to piece together possible scenarios of where she might be.

As Frank and Belinda pursue leads, they walk into something much more sinister and frightening than they bargained for. Frank knows he must save April-and himself-before it's too late.

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