Mercury Rising (English Edition) por Pieter Oosthuizen

Mercury Rising (English Edition) por Pieter Oosthuizen

Titulo del libro: Mercury Rising (English Edition)

Autor: Pieter Oosthuizen

Número de páginas: 155 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: July 30, 2015

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Pieter Oosthuizen con Mercury Rising (English Edition)

The Caucasian tribe, called the Boer, in South Africa is in mortal danger of being exterminated by various means.

Most of them are force-multiplier instruments associated with the advent of modern states.

Some of these instruments are the use of a one-man, one-vote system to gain political power, and upon seizure of power, the resort back to failed communist policies, discarded by the East-Europeans with fall of the Berlin Wall, as far back as 1989.
Other instruments are the total control of radio and television media to continuously demonize segments of the population in efforts to provide revolutionary fuel for psychopaths and murderers, in the salami-technique of murder, - one-by-one, of unwanted population groups.

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