Marine Biology For The Non-Biologist (English Edition) por Andrew Caine

Marine Biology For The Non-Biologist (English Edition) por Andrew Caine

Titulo del libro: Marine Biology For The Non-Biologist (English Edition)

Autor: Andrew Caine

Número de páginas: 107 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: April 27, 2015

Editor: Andrew Caine EPublishing

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Andrew Caine con Marine Biology For The Non-Biologist (English Edition)

Andrew Caine has managed to produce a highly readable masterpiece which takes the reader on a magical and sometimes scary journey into the world of the planet’s marine life, looking at the complex ecosystems with algae, plankton, shell fish, coral reefs and even whales. Andrew describes in fascinating detail and in a humorous and light hearted manner the secret lives of our many different sea creatures, or beasties as he likes to call them. The book is crammed full of interesting facts and is written in a straight forward succinct and informative way making it is easy for the layman to read and understand. He delves into the lives of jelly fish, limpets, mussels and many other species, uncovering their often bizarre behavior and sometimes scary predatory techniques and feeding habits which most ordinary people could barely imagine existed. Who would guess a whelk slowly drills into the shell of its unfortunate victims, or that cone shells harpoon their victims with poison bearing teeth? Andrew also dispels many myths and misunderstandings, for example that the Portuguese man of War is not even a jelly fish at all but instead a colony of connected creatures. Who would guess that the limpet is actually a one footed creature which slides around like a snail, having a home base surrounding a feeding territory? These are just some of the many fascinating facts which Andrew uncovers in his book. Throughout the book the reader is kept entertained by Andrew’s unique writing style and amusing turn of phrase. On a more serious note Andrew also discusses the importance of coral reefs and their vital role in supporting human livelihoods. Andrew also reveals his true passion for marine biology and his deep concern that many of our species could be under threat due to overfishing of the humble krill. Andrew’s work may well motivate people to take a more active interest in the study and preservation of our rich and diverse marine life. As Andrew points out, there is even more still to discover and who knows maybe one day a cure for cancer may be even be developed from understanding toxins in marine animals.

"I am extremely impressed. It’s written in an easy to understand fashion, with good humour in parts which gives the reader a sense of enthusiasm and knowledge. It’s extremely interesting and informative and a must for any student wishing to take a career in marine biology, or for anyone wishing to know more about the sea. Very enjoyable read!"—Esther B., eBook Reader

"Andrew’s book is a conversation with the sea. He gives us the chance to learn more than perhaps we ever planned on without realizing that’s what we’re doing—and without being too serious. This book is that memorable experience we all have of hearing someone narrate or speak while we stand in awe in front of a screen or massive aquarium, but we’re creating our own images as we read along, and when we’re finished we’re ready to run out the door and connect the dots in person. In that way, Andrew Caine is so successful with this book at inspiring curiosity!"—Sarah J., eBook Reader

"As a non biologist but a keen diver who loves marine wildlife and has met many of the amazing creatures described in this book, it was fascinating to appreciate a deeper understanding of the relationships between certain species, their biological evolution and functions and how they fit into the marine eco system.
This book is certainly well detailed but not too off putting for the non biologist, it explains processes and behaviour in a very understandable way and is extremely interesting without being overwhelming.
I would thoroughly recommend this book to the diving community interested in marine wildlife."—Simon O., Diver

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