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“Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy.” - Sai Baba

Gaia is a very pure type of healing. It provides an opportunity for your body’s systems to come into balance, so that disharmony can be released on all levels.

Toxic thoughts and unhealthy emotions have a direct impact on the body, causing illness and disease.  Healing brings balance on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels.

Most people feel totally relaxed and at peace while receiving healing.  Sometimes old memories, emotions or thoughts come to the surface to be released.  People often feel a greater connection to the spiritual aspect of themselves during and after healing.  Many people feel the presence of angels, archangels, nature spirits, animal spirit guides and other helpers during healing. Some people fall asleep.

The client is fully clothed and lying down on a massage couch while the practitioner works gently on and around the body. I find that I work mostly on the energy field around the body sensing where blocks and imbalances are held. 

Everyone has an innate ability to heal by tapping into a universal field of unconditional love, and when you receive healing you are boosting your own self-healing mechanism. When I offer a healing session I work with your higher self and spirit guides to hold you in a space of love. In this blissful loving space, imbalances on all levels can be released leaving you lighter and brighter.

I offer Gaia healing on its own or Gaia healing with flower and gem essences.  I trained in this system of healing with Shimara Kumara and Catherine Keatch in London. It can be offered in person or distantly at a pre-arranged time when you won’t be disturbed.

Phone 01772 740932 or email info@flowerspirit.co.uk

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Gaia Healing

“The depth of relaxation and inner peace that flooded through me as you channelled the healing energies took me by surprise. Never before have I visited that space deep inside, seen so many colours through my closed eyes or felt such big blocks flowing away from me.  Today, one day later, I'm bathed in a new emotion of self worth, of contentment and certainty.  Thank you for helping me on the journey of releasing my pasts.” - Client, Lancashire