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The Bach Flower Remedies offer gentle ongoing support in life.  For clients who wish to work more deeply on their core issues, I also prescribe higher vibrational flower, gem and crystal essences. I work with Crystal Herbs’ chakra essences, Karmic essences, inner child essences, angel and archangel essences and a wide range of flower, gem and crystal essences that are combined in specific personal combinations to suit each client.

High vibrational essences work deeper than the scope of the Bach Flower Remedies.  The higher vibrational essences work on subconscious issues that are blocking your path; why you have particular feelings and beliefs.  The Bach Flower Remedies help you with what you know you are feeling and how you are responding to life e.g. fear, anger, lack of confidence.

High vibrational essences help to shine a light on unhealed aspects, and work very dynamically and deeply to release core issues.  Combining flowers and gems creates deep effective healing and I usually combine 4 or 5 flowers, gems and crystals at a time to help someone move forward.

Situations in life that you may currently be finding painful or difficult offer the greatest opportunities for growth and healing. When we feel at our lowest ebb or in the most emotional pain, it is usually when unhealed feelings from childhood or our past have been triggered. 

These unhealed feelings may be experienced and re-experienced throughout a lifetime until we can bring them into balance and let them go. If we are carrying an emotional wound at a deep level, we will keep attracting situations that trigger the wound until we can acknowledge it. This is our Soul’s way of showing us how to find balance.

As higher vibrational essences are taken, old wounds can finally heal.  As the past is honoured and released, you can create a brighter and healthier future.

Essences offer the opportunity to bring self-awareness to the unhealed aspects of ourselves and enable them to be transformed.

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Deep Healing with Flower and Gem Essences

Some of the issues that I can help with:

Lack of Fulfillment | Relationship Problems | Depression | Abuse | Eating Disorders | Low Self-esteem | Stress & Anxiety | ME & Lethargy | Fears & Phobias | Sleeping Difficulties | Obsessive or Compulsive Behaviour | Pregnancy | Life Changes | Trauma & Post-Traumatic Shock | Suicidal Feelings | Bereavement

“I always feel better after a consultation.  it’s great to be able to be open and honest about how I’m really feeling. I take essences as an alternative to anti-depressants and to balance my anger. They help me to like myself more and to have increased self-belief.” Telephone Client, Glasgow

“Thank you so much for the wonderful consultation we had yesterday. So lovely.  The issues coming up are so big and deep and I feel that having started my healing journey again I am totally committed to working through and beyond (FINALLY) some of them to a more wholesome place. I feel the work we have done so far and the essences have been a big help.” - Telephone Client, Argyll