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There are times in everyone’s life when we need extra support to move through a difficult time or gain greater insight. I offer a range of packages for your personal growth and healing.

Flower & Gem Essence Consultations

Flower & gem essence consultations are available in person in Lancashire and by telephone nationwide. I work with most clients by telephone. A personalised combination of Bach Flower Remedies to last 2-4 weeks is included in the price of each flower essence consultation. If you choose to take higher vibrational essences these are extra - usually around £10 for a 25ml bottle.

Healing Consultations

Healing is a wonderful way to relax, find space to connect with yourself and gain insight.  If you are feeling really stuck or in emotional pain, healing brings comfort and release.  Healing is available in person or distantly at a pre-arranged time.

A consultation at the right time will support you to make positive and permanent changes in your life.

Prices and options

Healing – 1 hour - £30

Flower essence consultation – 1 hour - £40

Healing & flower essence consultation – 1.5 hrs - £50

Flower essence consultation, healing & guided meditation – 2 hours - £60

* Case studies for our book on Bach Flower Remedies benefit from a £5 discount. Personal details including name will not be published.*

Please contact me if you are unsure which approach would suit you best, and together we can select the best way forward for you.

Phone 01772 740932 or email info@flowerspirit.co.uk

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Some of the issues that I can help with:

Lack of Fulfillment | Relationship Problems | Depression | Abuse | Eating Disorders | Low Self-esteem | Stress & Anxiety | ME & Lethargy | Fears & Phobias | Sleeping Difficulties | Obsessive or Compulsive Behaviour | Pregnancy | Life Changes | Trauma & Post-Traumatic Shock | Suicidal Feelings | Bereavement


“Working with Jackie, over the phone and taking flower remedies over the last two months seems to have had a very profound and moving effect on my whole being.

In the phone consultations, Jackie holds a safe and supportive context for me to explore my current state of being, providing powerful insights.

I have worked with many therapists and tried all sorts of methods to get to the root cause of the challenges I face and I believe the flower and gem essences have finally reached that place I have not been to before. She describes and explains very clearly how the essences work and also the qualities of each individual essence she has prescribed for me. This has illumined my own self awareness and understanding and I feel a process of integration is finally taking place. I have loved learning about flower essences and myself through Jackie's therapeutic practice.”

- Telephone Client, Middlesex